VeriClouds Integrates with Ping Identity’s DaVinci to Enable Stronger Authentication and Stop Account Takeover Attacks

VeriClouds is pleased to announce that we will be launching CredVerify for Ping Identity’s PingOne DaVinci. The integration provides Ping customers with an integrated and systematic approach to  automated detection and remediation of stolen and compromised credentials.


CredVerify is an identity threat intelligence platform that aggregates, processes, and stores billions of credentials recovered from data breaches. CredVerify for Davinci checks for leaked credentials through restful API services using the k-anonymity protection model. If a username and password are found to match credentials discovered in previous data breaches or on the dark web, authentication will be interrupted, and the user will be sent to identity verification and a password reset flows. The solution was built with privacy and security by design, making the data usable only within the intended context. This approach complements existing MFA investments and ensures that stolen credentials are not used as a weapon during account takeover or credential stuffing attacks.

Webinar: VeriClouds CredVerify for PingOne DaVinci

The problem facing most IAM solutions is that it is difficult to detect and prevent the use of compromised credentials, and the adoption of 2FA and MFA solutions is perilously low. CredVerify for DaVinci uses patented credential verification technology that blocks the use of leaked credentials during authentication, registration, and password management.

VeriClouds is hosting a webinar this coming Friday 21-October at 10:00 AM PST / Noon CST for a webinar with VeriClouds CEO Stan Bounev, and Branden Williams, VP IAM Strategy at Ping Identity, on how CredVerify and DaVinci’s no-code orchestration enable stronger authentication and block ATOs for Ping Customers.

In this session, learn about CredVerify for PingOne DaVinci using patented credential verification technology that prevents the abuse of leaked credentials, including:

  • Automatically blocking the use of stolen credentials found on the dark web
  • Real-time checks against a database of billions of leaked credentials
  • Reducing the likelihood of account takeover and credential stuffing attacks from being successful
  • Avoiding MFA fatigue and MFA bombing

This event will be moderated by Steve Tout.  There will be a live demo (fingers crossed) and we will accept questions from the audience in the last half of the hour.

Register for the Webinar

All are welcome and can register here

All are welcome and can register here


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