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Brute Force Vulnerability Research

PCMagazine reporting AppBugs/VeriClouds research about brute force vulnerability

17 JUL 2015,

A new report indicates that a number of popular apps have a fairly critical security flaw that allows a semi-sophisticated hacker to brute force his or her way into your account.

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Social Login Vulnerability Research

VentureBeat reporting AppBugs research about social login vulnerability

27 JUN 2015,

Fourteen apps, which combined represent an estimated 80 million downloads, have serious flaws in the way they handle social logins, according to an analysis by AppBugs/VeriClouds.

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HTTPS Implementation Bugs Research

ArsTechnica reporting AppBugs/VeriClouds research about HTTPS vulnerability

19 JUN 2015

Researchers have unearthed dozens of Android apps in the official Google Play store that expose user passwords because the apps fail to properly implement HTTPS encryption during logins or don’t use it at all.

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HTTPS Vulnerability Research

Gizmodo reporting AppBugs research about HTTPS vulnerability

19 JUN 2015,

Here’s some bad news for Android users. Security researchers have discovered 100+ more apps that-fail-to-encrypt your login data properly, making it frightfully easy for hackers to steal your password. What’s worse: the vast majority of the app makers aren’t doing anything about it.