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ForgeRock OpenAM and OpenIDM™ Suite

VeriClouds CredVerify™ is the only service designed for use with ForgeRock OpenAM and OpenIDM to detect, verify and prevent the use of weak or stolen credentials throughout the entire user lifecycle.

Simple, yet powerful

VeriClouds CredVerify authentication module checks leaked credential through VeriClouds CredVerify Cloud API. If a user login ID and credential combination is found to match to a login ID and credential discovered in previous data breaches, the module will fail the authentication otherwise it will pass the authentication.

Enabling VeriClouds CredVerify in your environment:

  • Provides visibility into user-centric risk of privileged accounts
  • Automates the transformation of insight and analysis into real-time policy enforcement and action
  • Outsources the legal liabilities of handling stolen sensitive account data from the dark web
  • Significantly minimizes the threat from the number one cause of data breaches - the weak or stolen password

Integrating and uniting privilege management with superior detective controls closes the loop. It unleashes the full power and potential of compromised credential verification “as-a-service.”

Enhanced Protection for ForgeRock OpenAM and OpenIDM

With VeriClouds-powered credential verification, more than 20 billion compromised credentials are surfaced from the dark web to enable the automation of risk insight into actionable identity threat intelligence for ForgeRock OpenAM and OpenIDM, dramatically improving the security and compliance posture of most organizations.
  • Automated detection and remediation of compromised credentials
  • Minimize the risks/cost of credential stuffing attacks
  • Align password policy with NIST SP 800-63B guidelines
  • Easy to deploy – only a few lines of code
  • Very low overhead with sub-second response times

ForgeRock values VeriClouds partnership

VeriClouds is among the first partners of ForgeRock Trust Network Technology Partner Program

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