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CredVerify™: Detect. Verify. Prevent.

CredVerify™ Cloud API

CredVerify™ integrates with IAM systems and complements existing authentication and multi-factor authentication. The integration detects compromised credentials of your employees or customers during authentication by checking their credentials against a database of more than eight billion compromised credentials.

CredVerify™ On-Premise Service

CredVerify™ deploys as a hardware appliance on your network without any connectivity to the outside. The appliance stores billions of encrypted compromised credentials and is equipped with a hardware-based security - Intel® SGX or SafeNet's HSM for superior data-privacy and compliance.

Privacy & Security

CredVerify™ protects your data by using encryption and masking at all times. The credential verification happens locally on your network using Intel® SGX secure enclave. CredVerify™ uses only strong encryption to prevent tampering with potential PII and abuse by rogue admins or malicious users.

Improve Visibility of User-Centric Risk with CredVerify

Lower the risk of account takeover and credential stuffing attacks

  • Block stolen credentials from being used during logon
  • Outsource legal liabilities of handling breached data
  • Automate response and remediation to known data breaches

NIST Password Compliance Check

VeriClouds CredVerify™ helps enforce the NIST password requirement guidelines for IdPs by screening new passwords against lists of commonly used or compromised passwords. The types of lists recommended by the NIST 800-63b, sec Memorized Secret Verifiers guidelines include:

  • Passwords obtained from previous breach corpuses
  • Dictionary words
  • Repetitive or sequential characters (e.g. ‘aaaaaa’, ‘1234abcd’)
  • Context-specific words, such as the name of the service, the username, and derivatives thereof

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