Account Takeover Remediation

VeriClouds CredVerify actively stops automated account takeovers before they start, combining advanced credential monitoring, bot detection, and seamless user authentication.

2023 "The Year of the Account Takeover"

By the end of 2023, the global fraud economy exploded with over $635B related to ATO attacks. By many accounts, 2023 was the year of the Account Takeover, with triple-digit increase in this style of attacks. Businesses have an ethical and fiduciary responsibility to take proactive measures to protect their customers, brand reputation, and competitive edge.

VeriClouds CredVerify, a patented and automated solution, offers easy integration, built on security standards, leveraging expertise in the field and the largest data repository for unparalleled protection.

Session Protection

How does VeriClouds Stop ATO attacks before they begin?

Session Protection

Credential Monitoring and Verification

Enterprises who partner with VeriClouds leverage CredVerify and CredMonitor which continuously monitors and verifies credentials, identifying and flagging compromised or reused passwords. This proactive approach helps prevent unauthorized access, ensuring that only legitimate users can access their accounts.

VeriClouds solution includes:

  • Comprehensive visibility into the risk of compromised credentials
  • Enhanced credential security for the user management lifecycle
  • Continuous monitoring and detection of compromised credentials for the entire organization (user and org level)
  • Secure credential verification with k-anonymity protection

Learn more about Credential Monitoring

Learn more about Credential Verification

Automated Bot and Fraud Detection

CredVerify employs advanced algorithms backed by its own Intelligence Data Lake to detect and deflect automated bot attacks and fraudulent activities. By analyzing patterns and behaviors that are typical of bots, CredVerify effectively blocks these threats, reducing the risk of ATO.

VeriClouds solution includes:

  • Pre-integrated with popular identity providers and authentication systems
  • Automate step-up authentication and password reset based on indicators of compromise
  • Receive push notifications from the CredVerify SSE transmitter when credentials are compromised or stolen
Session Protection

Session Protection

Frictionless User Authentication

CredVerify integrates seamlessly into the user authentication process, providing robust security without compromising the user experience. This approach ensures that genuine users are not hindered by security measures while still maintaining a high level of protection against account takeovers.

Through real-time checks against credential threat intelligence, identity providers and security teams can enforce strong authentication and identity assurance across SaaS and on-premises environments with standard restful API integrations and solution accelerators. This approach complements existing MFA investments and ensures that stolen credentials are not used as a weapon during account takeover or credential stuffing attacks.

Powered by the VeriClouds Credential Threat Intelligence Platform

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