NIST Password Compliance

VeriClouds CredVerify helps organizations align with NIST 800-63b Digital Identity Guidelines for enhanced cybersecurity, while simplifying user password management.

CredVerify Enhances Privacy, Aligning with NIST 800-63b

VeriClouds pioneered identity threat intelligence with CredVerify for forward-thinking organizations aiming to revolutionize their privacy and security landscape. It offers an unparalleled solution to seamlessly align with NIST's digital identity guidelines, developed with privacy by design, ensuring a robust and future-proof privacy framework.

With CredVerify, organizations gain not just compliance, but a competitive edge in identity and privacy management. It's more than a tool; VeriClouds is a strategic partner in elevating your organization's digital identity and security posture.

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How does CredVerify help organizations better align with NIST 800-63?

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Removing Periodic Password Change Requirements

NIST discourages frequent mandatory password changes, as they often lead to predictable and insecure password practices. Instead, it suggests changing passwords only if there's evidence of compromise.

VeriClouds CredVerify can support this by helping organizations move away from frequent password resets and focus on stronger, more secure password practices.

Continuous monitoring and threat intelligence ensure that password policy adaptations are informed by real-time data, significantly enhancing overall security posture.

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Requiring Length But Removing Password Complexity

NIST suggests that password strength is more effectively increased by length rather than complexity (like symbols and mixed cases). This recommendation is based on the understanding that longer passwords are harder to crack, while complex requirements often lead to predictable patterns.

VeriClouds CredVerify can align with this guideline by allowing for longer passwords without overemphasizing complexity.

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Implementing Screening of New Passwords

NIST recommends screening new passwords against commonly used, expected, or compromised passwords. This includes checking against passwords from previous breach corpuses, dictionary words, and repetitive or sequential characters. VeriClouds CredVerify can support this guideline by integrating such screening mechanisms, ensuring that new passwords are robust and not easily compromised.

VeriClouds CredVerify supports the following types of lists recommended by the NIST 800-63b, sec Memorized Secret Verifiers guidelines:

  • Passwords obtained from previous breach corpuses
  • Dictionary words
  • Repetitive or sequential characters (e.g. ‘aaaaaa’, ‘1234abcd’)
  • Context-specific words, such as the name of the service, the username, and derivatives thereof

Getting Started

Explore our expert consulting services, designed to audit and enhance your organization's credential security posture. Let VeriClouds guide you in refining your password policies for optimal security and compliance.

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