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One of the biggest cybersecurity threats in existence today are leaked or stolen passwords. These compromised credentials number in the billions on the dark web - and this number is only growing. In fact, VeriClouds has found that between 15% to 40% of a typical company’s credentials already exist in the our proprietary database.

You can minimize the financial and reputational risks that this threat poses to your organization.With CredVerify API, your organization will be able to automate the process of detection, verification, and remediation of these compromised credentials.

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VeriClouds Is:

  • SCALABLE - Our cloud and on-premise services grow with you
  • SECURE - Built from the ground up with privacy and security in mind
  • COMPREHENSIVE - Our proprietary database is the industry’s largest repository of known compromised credentials
  • FLEXIBLE - VeriClouds either integrates with popular IAM, PAM, CASB, and SIEM platforms, or is available as a web interface

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