Enterprise Security

Experience VeriClouds Enterprise Security: automated, advanced credential risk detection and signal sharing for stronger authentication with reduced risk.

Credential security still matters

VeriClouds Enterprise Security delivers an all-encompassing, automated cybersecurity solution tailored for forward thinking organizations.

It integrates advanced credential risk detection, seamless security signal sharing, and user risk assessments to offer a streamlined, user-friendly experience, reducing risks and the need for manual remediation.

This robust platform supports enterprise and SMBs with adaptable deployment options with integrations for popular CIAM platforms, ensuring enhanced security and operational efficiency.

Session Protection

VeriClouds threat intelligence protects 1 billion passwords per day at one of the largest cloud providers in the world


Detection and remediation of logins with compromised credentials

Our patented technology, CredVerify, integrates with IAM systems and complements existing authentication and MFA solutions. The integration detects compromised credentials during login and password reset by checking their credentials against a database of more than 28 billion compromised credentials.

CredVerify is the API interface for Enterprise Security, with platform capabilities that include:

  • Automated scripts for data collection and secure data handling
  • Data mining and big data security analytics
  • Data masking and encryption
  • Continuous monitoring and notification tools
  • Integration layer based on Restful APIs
  • Threat intelligence from our repository of over 28 billion compromised credentials

Vendor Risk

Vendor Risk in VeriClouds Enterprise Security evaluates a vendor's likelihood of breach based on their presence in the dark web and hacker forums. Utilizing VeriClouds Intelligence Data Lake and proprietary algorithms, it assesses the organization's footprint and assigns a health score indicative of breach risk.

This score, integral to overall cybersecurity assessment, either complements or stands alone within an existing security framework, including the following:

  • Breach probability assessment
  • Health score generation
  • Integration with cybersecurity metrics
Vendor Risk

Shared Signals Consulting

Shared Signals Framework Consulting

We equip clients with the tools and guidance to enhance cybersecurity and ensure regulatory compliance. Our consulting can include the following activities:

  • Discovery and requirements analysis
  • Pilots and proof-of-concepts
  • Tailored SSF architecture strategy and design
  • Roadmap and implementation plan
  • Risk mitigation and remediation plan
  • Compliance review and alignment
  • Expert training and knowledge transfer

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CredVerify Enhances Privacy, Aligning with NIST 800-63b

VeriClouds pioneered identity threat intelligence with CredVerify for forward-thinking organizations aiming to revolutionize their privacy and security landscape. It offers an unparalleled solution to seamlessly align with NIST's digital identity guidelines, developed with privacy by design, ensuring a robust and future-proof privacy framework.

With CredVerify, organizations gain not just compliance, but a competitive edge in identity and privacy management. It's more than a tool; VeriClouds is a strategic partner in elevating your organization's digital identity and security posture.

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Vendor Risk

Powered by the VeriClouds Credential Threat Intelligence Platform

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