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SailPoint IdentityIQ


VeriClouds CredVerify™ offers an easily integrated identity threat intelligence solution for organizations running SailPoint IdentityIQ; these services significantly reduce risk and can provide a full block against the hazard of compromised credentials.

Unprecedented visibility and an automated response

With VeriClouds CredVerify, SailPoint customers can check for stolen credentials and privately compare passwords of their accounts against billions of leaked records. CredVerify™ automatically transforms risk insight into actionable intelligence and stops preventable data breaches at the front door.

Enabling VeriClouds CredVerify through SailPoint IdentityIQ:

  • Check for stolen credentials within your domain against billions of leaked records
  • Use industry standard REST API, fully supported by SailPoint IdentityIQ
  • Add identity threat intelligence to any rule, form, workflow, or task within IdentityIQ
  • Get agile threat intelligence based on constantly updated identity threat intelligence

SailPoint’s IdentityIQ out-of-the-box capabilities connect to more than one hundred types of systems; VeriClouds CredVerify™ can therefore help your organization with multiple approaches to scan its systems, proactively identifying compromised credentials and automatically remediating exposures and risks.

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Compromised Credentials Intelligence & Identity Threat Management

Integrating VeriClouds CredVerify™ with SailPoint IdentityIQ provides organizations with unprecedented visibility and an automated response to the risk of compromised credentials of privileged users and executives within the organization
  • Safer online experiences for users
  • More effective security and risk mitigation controls
  • Increased protection against costly credential stuffing attacks
  • Alignment with NIST SP 800-63B guidelines
  • Reduced alert fatigue with balance between user experience and security

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Secure By Design

VeriClouds engages in "white hat security research" to prevent threat actors from gaining unauthorized access to customer accounts, and operates to promote security and safety for the true owner of the data or person entitled to the data. The VeriClouds solution uses its own patent-pending technology of encryption, hashing, and data masking to ensure privacy and compliance when handling potential PII and other sensitive data.

VeriClouds' unique and proprietary database offers these distinct advantages:

  • All PII data are encrypted using AES-256
  • Crypto for password comparisons are performed in an on-board HSM in our hardware appliance
  • Data masking techniques are combined with data encryption to ensure we never reveal sensitive data

Whether your needs are compliance with GDPR, ISO, SOC2, or any other regulation, rest assured that VeriClouds' commitment to security by design and privacy preservation ensures the safety and protection of your sensitive data.

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