Identity Threat Management Whitepapers

Why Common IAM Solutions for Identity-based Attacks Aren’t Really Working?

What’s really amazing is that both criminals and organizations have access to a nearly identical set identity information that has been stolen. The simplest, most straightforward solution is to actively and passively make sure such identity information, such as user credentials, can’t be reused. Unfortunately, many organizations have decided to take other approaches that are […]

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Assessing The Risk of Compromised Credentials to The Enterprise

Assessing The Risk of Compromised Credentials to The Enterprise Because technology now has a broad and pervasive impact on the successful operation of the business, comprehensive and accurate scoring and assessment of cybersecurity risk is absolutely essential and covers many areas of technology. To assess more accurately the cybersecurity risk, assessment of the compromised credential […]

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Analysis of Leaked Credentials of Fortune 500 Companies

Download This PDFFortune-500-compromised-account-report Summary Fortune 500 companies are the backbone of our economy. They employ over 27 million people. VeriClouds research team investigated the leaked online account credentials belonging to the employees of the 2017 Fortune 500 companies where an email address was used to set up an account. The number of leaked online accounts […]

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Solution Brief: VeriClouds CredVerify Uses Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX)

Download This PDFVeriClouds_Intel_SGX_Solution_Brief Privacy By Design with Intel SGX CredVerify architecture enhances privacy of the sensitive credential data at the design level. With the protection by Intel SGX of the credential verification process, the solution helps defend against internal and external attackers, including malware running on the host machine and malicious cloud providers. 

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Executive View: Kuppinger Cole Executive View – VeriClouds CredVerify

Download This PDF72567-Executive-View-VeriClouds Securely authenticating users remains a thorny problem and VeriClouds CredVerify service can provide a useful additional level of assurance. There are many approaches, products and services for user authentication however, the CredVerify service is unique in what it offers. In this Kuppinger Cole Executive View, you’ll learn about: VeriClouds CredVerify Overview Compromised […]

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VeriClouds Whitepapers & Resources Access a wealth of cybersecurity resources, including whitepapers, datasheets, and case studies Documents VeriClouds CredVerify Datasheet Overview of VeriClouds CredVerify™ service. Download Document Whitepaper Assessing The Risk of Compromised Credentials to The Enterprise Provides methodology for assessing and scoring compromised credentials risk and aligns it to the overall cybersecurity and operational […]

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Whitepaper: Protect Sensitive Data and Prevent Account Takeover with Compromised Accounts Detection “as a Service”

Download This PDFVeriClouds-wp-111816 “81% of confirmed data breaches involved weak, default or stolen passwords.” 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report, Verizon With such large-scale breaches becoming commonplace, it is more important than ever to work with the best threat intelligence sources proactively and decisively, particularly when compromised credentials are detected in your customer or employee directories. […]

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