Passwords, NIST, and ATOs… Will It All Ever End?

Mar 14, 2024 at 01:00 PM PST / Noon CST


Stan Bounev
Founder & CEO

Chris Olive
Senior National Security Advisor IAM,


The problem of passwords continues to hamper organizations. As organizations look to the future of passwordless and passkeys, the reality is many organizations still have to maintain, operationalize, and maintain a risk calculus over a large estate of systems requiring legacy passwords — including modern endpoints.

It’s our observation that the anticipation of newer technologies, which cannot be fully operationalized as yet, has continued to leave a gap that breach actors continue to leverage. Compromised credentials STILL account for a large percentage of breaches. Organizations still grapple with simple aspects of operationalization. What constitutes a good password? A good password policy? What password policies to enable? Can NIST really be trusted, and if so, why? What do we do in the face of conflicting compliance requirements?

Join us as we discuss solutions in all of these areas, specifically why NIST 800.63b was written as it is and why we really should be paying attention to this guideline in some key areas.

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