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A 360-degree View of Cybersecurity Risk

Stolen or weak passwords are the most common reason for cybersecurity breaches.

CredMonitor continuously monitors your domain on the dark web for leaked credentials, giving you 360-degree visibility of cybersecurity risk.

Our research team has recovered over 7 billion account credentials from the dark web and is adding millions more each week.

Surface Web Vs Deep Web Vs Dark Web. Image Credits: elixirofknowledge

VeriClouds CredMonitor Service

Simple-to-use web portal. Enter your organization's domains to see who had their credentials leaked on the dark web.

Contextual data about the leaked credentials and notification tools will help determine the risk exposure.

Many spear phishing attacks and CEO fraud schemes start with leveraging leaked personal credentials and move to the corporate credentials. Our service can monitor the personal email addresses of key people from your organization.

Benefits of VeriClouds CredMonitor Service

  • Waste no time on integrations
  • Take quick action with our easy-to-use user interface
  • Monitor key executives, privileged users, domains, or specific accounts for leaked credentials


  • Get results within minutes
  • Receive continuous updates

Improve Visibility of User-Centric Risk with CredMonitor

CredMonitor is helping organizations to:

  • Monitor domain(s) or specific accounts for leaked credentials
  • Get timely updates when leaked credentials with your domain are discovered
  • Lower the risk of account takeover and credential stuffing attacks

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