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U Have Been Pwned -
Credential Verification is the new Breach Notification

Very few organizations can distinguish a genuine user from a sophisticated attacker with valid user credentials. Legacy security and identity management systems relied on static rules for authenticating users. Hackers, using known good passwords they had obtained from the dark web or a data breach, could “walk right through the front door” without being noticed.

As more companies adopt a ‘zero trust’ security model, access policies will be dynamic and calculated from as many sources of data as possible. With VeriClouds-powered credential monitoring and verification, more than nine billion leaked credentials are secured and checked during login attempts and password changes to enable the automation of risk insight into actionable intelligence and stop preventable data breaches at the front door.

Join Steve Tout, VeriClouds CEO, to hear how identity threat intelligence is the foundation for any Zero Trust framework, and how forward looking organizations are thinking about credential monitoring and verification.

VeriClouds' CEO, Steve Tout will also discuss:

  • The 5 Key Insights for Credential Monitoring and Verification
  • How to discover how at risk your users are to the growing threat of compromised credentials in minutes, not days



Steve Tout

April 11, 2018
11:00am PST/2:00pm EST

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