• Social Engineering

Social Engineering Penetration Testing

The Social Engineering Penetration Test is designed to mimic attacks that malicious social engineers will use to breach your company. VeriClouds provides unique comprehensive Social Engineering Pen Testing depending on client objectives to identify weaknesses and promote security awareness.

During an engagement, we attempt to manipulate an organization’s employees into allowing unauthorized access to confidential information. This allows the organization to test their Information Security Policy and their employees’ adherence to that policy.

Our team employs the following best practices during our penetration testing engagements:

  • Reports on Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT)
  • Phone (vishing)
  • Email (phishing)
  • Onsite engagements (when necessary)

Gary Schofield
Regional Sales Manager

Why Should I Perform Social Engineering Pen Testing?

Social Engineering Pen testing allows organizations to test their response to an active attack and allows them to measure the effectiveness of the Information Security Awareness of it's employees.

VeriClouds can work with your team to get validation and insights into the following:

  • How susceptible is my organization to social engineering attacks?
  • Are my email filters catching targeted phishing emails?
  • How effective is my security awareness training?

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The Deliverable

The SE Pentest includes a full report of findings and mitigation recommendations. In the final deliverable, detailed information for each vulnerability uncovered, including suggested remediation or mitigation steps. The report will be provided in the form of a detailed and executive report for security remediation and executive team debriefing. Finally, as part of this service, VeriClouds can develop and deliver specific education for your organization to correct existing issues and prepare against future attacks.


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Partnering with VeriClouds to be your Social Engineering Service on Demand?

VeriClouds not only keeps their hands on the pulse of what malicious individuals, security research, and criminal organizations are doing but has continued research in the field of social engineering for penetration testers as well as built multiple custom tools around social engineering attacks. Whether it’s a onetime effort that is needed or social engineering as a continued service contact VeriClouds to meet your social engineering needs.