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  • Organizations with secure infrastructure can be breached... if their credentials leak online

VeriClouds Platform Access

Allows integration of your Authentication or Security Event and Incident Management (SEIM) system to the VeriClouds platform to detect compromised employees or clients credentials.

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Platform Extensions

Extensions for popular platforms such as Active Directory, Kerberos Server, Splunk, Ping Identity or Magento to get additional functionality on top of what our Platform Access service offers.

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Credentials Monitoring

Monitoring for compromised accounts with your domain. This is an alert service that does not require implementation. When we find an account(s) with your domain, we will alert your organization.

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Phishing Prevention

Detects phishing sites that request credentials information. Prevents policy violations by employees, including reuse of corporate passwords at non-sanctioned websites and services.

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Assessment Report

Written report rating the measures your organization has deployed to protect against credentials attacks. Recommendations for additional measures to improve the security of your IAM system will be provided.

Penetration Testing

Using penetration testing techniques, our Red Team tests your defenses against compromised credentials attacks and shows real evidence of potential weaknesses.

No Guess Work

Our platform does not guess if accounts are at risk. VeriClouds data repository, gathered from a wide range of places on the Dark Web and the Deep Web, has the evidence to prove it. Our alerts are real!

Attack Prevention

Credential attackers can be detected real-time and Corrective Controls applied before attackers compromise your perimeter and make your organization vulnerable to multiple attack vectors.

Quick Deployment

VeriClouds' secure APIs and extensions detect the compromised account credentials of your employees or customers.

Short Deployment Cycle

The integration with VeriClouds platform happens within 2-3 business days.

Saving Cost and Reputation

According to Ponemon research, each data breach costs at least $4M, which can result in irrevocable damage to your organization’s reputation and the careers of its staff.

Easy Win

It is easy to prove how VeriClouds services can decrease the risk of data breach and reputation damage.

Privacy Compliant

Our technology is built around a key principle – neither VeriClouds nor its clients have visibility over data that does not belong to them.

Your Data Is Always Secure

Your data doesn't need to leave your premises in order to detect accounts with compromised credentials.

Want to find out the two emerging compromised credential trends that could affect your exposure to risk? Contact us today.

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