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VeriClouds provides extensions for popular platforms that deliver additional levels of protection. The most common extensions are for Microsoft Exchange, Kerberos Server, Splunk, and Magento.

  • Deliver additional features, such as new password prediction or IP-linked compromised accounts detection
  • Make it easier for your system to integrate with the VeriClouds services
  • Securely exchange the account credentials between the customer’s authentication service and VeriClouds services.

We designed a test method that protects the privacy of your organization’s accounts. Information about your organization’s account passwords is not submitted to VeriClouds. The test reports are generated and saved on your end, and our company does not have access to them. All tests are controlled by your organization’s administrator.

VeriClouds does not store raw data of compromised accounts on your servers — just the reports with the test results.

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