VeriClouds Announces a Leadership Transition

December 12, 2018

SEATTLE, WA — Seattle based VeriClouds, a leader in credential reputation, aggregation, and detection of compromised account credentials, today announced that Steve Tout will be stepping down as the CEO of the company for personal and family reasons, effective December 31st, 2018. He will be succeeded by Stan Bounev, who is currently the Chief Customer Success Officer at the company. Stan will serve as an Interim CEO till the search of a new CEO is completed.

Stan, who is one of the two co-founders, has been with the company since its inception in 2014. Stan was driving initially product management and later took over customer success at the company. Stan also oversaw marketing, finance, accounting and legal. His broad experience with the company will ensure a smooth transition period.

“We have accomplished a lot in 2018. We have built our Identity Threat Management platform, we completed integrations with popular identity and access management platforms and delivered unprecedented visibility into the assessment of the risk of compromised credentials,” said Stan. “We have big plans for the future. I’m excited about the new opportunities ahead of us in 2019.”

About Stan Bounev

Stan brings to VeriClouds a powerful combination of over 17 years of product management and business development expertise in the financial services and technology industries and a passion for cybersecurity and identity access management.

Stan thrives on working with prospects to assess the integration of VeriClouds services and design implementation scenarios. He enjoys supporting existing customers in taking full advantage of VeriClouds services. Stan is also responsible for Marketing, Finance, Accounting, and Legal.

Prior to co-founding VeriClouds, Stan spent 8 years at Microsoft driving the product planning and product management of key capabilities and security features of and Windows Client.

About VeriClouds

VeriClouds is a credential verification services company helping organizations detect compromised credentials before hackers do, using the same data attackers do, proactively monitoring the dark web and systematically reducing user-centric risk. VeriClouds provides the best approach for eliminating the biggest cause of massive data breaches, the weak and/or stolen password.

VeriClouds was founded in 2014 by Rui Wang, a former security researcher at Microsoft with a PhD in cyber security, and Stan Bounev, a successful entrepreneur with over 17 years of corporate and startup experience.

VeriClouds has built one of the largest and most secure commercially available databases of known compromised credentials collected from the dark web and diverse data sources using privacy preserving principles and strong encryption.


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