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CredVerify™: Detect. Verify. Prevent.

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Compare credentials
in the state they are in

Organizations can use their hashed and salted passwords as is and do the comparison with VeriClouds’ data repository

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Maintain security
of your data at all times

The device will be delivered to the customer and will run inside the customer’s network without a connection to the outside. VeriClouds or any other third party will not have a way to access the device or any data stored on the device

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Protect against
insider threats

VeriClouds' device enables its clients to protect against insider threats in the case of a rogue employee trying to access VeriClouds’ service with malicious intent. All data is protected with AES 256 encryption while in transit, at rest, and in use.

Next generation device built on Zero Trust principles

VeriClouds Local Service Device is capable of comparing credentials without being connected to the Internet. The whole process happens at VeriClouds customers’ environment, and VeriClouds does not have a connection to the device by design. The new device enables hashed and salted passwords to be compared between an offline copy of the customer’s credentials database and VeriClouds device in a secure environment without any data leaving VeriClouds’ customers local network.

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Privacy and Security Compliant

Privacy and security compliance have taken a key role in the design of the detection process. Many organizations have their own internal regulations around storing, querying and transmitting credentials data. VeriClouds Local Service Device fills that void by engineering its device around the key privacy and security principles available today.

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Detect safely compromised credentials within your local network

With VeriClouds Local Service Device, your organization will be able to:

  • Compare credentials in the state they are in
  • Maintain security of your data at all times
  • Protect against insider threats

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