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Having the ability to prevent logins using breached credentials – using Identity Threat Protection – is a transformation for most organizations. This is a new category of service; it combines real breach data, automated collection and processing and big data analytics into a purposefully built, next-generation identity threat monitoring platform.

Join us for a live demo to see how forward-thinking organizations can detect, verify and prevent the risks that users and organizations face from the dynamic threat of compromised credentials. A VeriClouds product expert will answer all your questions. You will also learn how VeriClouds pioneered modern identity threat protection with:

  • Instant visibility into more than 90% of the leaked databases on the dark web
  • Trending charts and Dashboard views on risk
  • VIP monitoring of key executives, privileged users, domains, or specific accounts
  • Contextual data about the leaked credentials and notification tools
  • Compromised credential verification with privacy protected by design

Live product demo will also cover:

  • Integration with popular IAM platforms like ForgeRock and Active Directory
  • Deployment scenarios and planning for high performance and regulatory compliance
  • Satisfying the NIST 800-63b guidelines for enhanced password security
  • Popular use cases for identity threat protection
  • Accuracy and detection rates

There will be a special limited time offer presented at the end of every session, but you must be present to receive this offer.

We look forward to seeing you online.


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