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Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense™ Suite

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“We're excited to release our latest product integration with VeriClouds”
- Phil Lieberman, President & CEO Lieberman Software

Enhanced Identity Protection for Lieberman RED Rapid Enterprise Defense™ Suite

Lieberman Software RED Rapid Enterprise Defense™ Suite and VeriClouds CredVerify are helping enable digital transformation by providing sophisticated account level security and protection against data breaches for your privileged accounts on your cross-platform network. RED Identity Management - with VeriClouds CredVerify enabled - allows you to:
  • Detect if a user's credentials are weak or stolen and display a warning or prohibit the user from logging in
  • Prevent the use of weak, reused, or stolen credentials during self-service password reset
  • Choose between VeriClouds' SaaS service or premium on-premise hardware appliance for maximum scalability and security

Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense Suite - image keyhole on https://www.vericlouds.com

Privilege Management Meets Actionable Intelligence

VeriClouds CredVerify is fully integrated into the Lieberman RED Identity Management module.
VeriClouds discovers and transforms compromised credentials on the deep and dark web into an intelligence-driven security operation.

Enabling VeriClouds CredVerify in your environment:

  • Provides visibility into user-centric risk of privileged accounts
  • Automates the transformation of insight and analysis into real-time policy enforcement and action
  • Outsources the legal liabilities of handling stolen sensitive account data from the dark web
  • Significantly minimizes the threat from the number one cause of data breaches - the weak or stolen password

Integrating and uniting privilege management with superior detective controls closes the loop. It unleashes the full power and potential of compromised credential verification “as-a-service.”

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Security By Design

VeriClouds engages in "white hat security research" to prevent threat actors from gaining unauthorized access to customer accounts, and operates to promote security and safety for the true owner of the data or person entitled to the data. The VeriClouds solution uses its own patent-pending technology of encryption, hashing, and data masking to ensure privacy and compliance when handling potential PII and other sensitive data.

VeriClouds' unique and proprietary database offers these distinct advantages:

  • All PII data are encrypted using AES-256
  • Crypto for password comparisons are performed in an on-board HSM in our hardware appliance
  • Data masking techniques are combined with data encryption to ensure we never reveal sensitive data

Whether your needs are compliance with GDPR, ISO, SOC2, or any other regulation, rest assured that VeriClouds' commitment to security by design and privacy preservation ensures the safety and protection of your sensitive data.

Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense Suite - image vericloud-security on https://www.vericlouds.com

Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense Suite - image Liebsoft-RED-TM-300x90-min on https://www.vericlouds.com

For more information about Lieberman RED Suite visit http://www.liebsoft.com/red

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