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Authentication and blockchain systems have inherent vulnerabilities

By applying hardware encryption, CredCrypto secures authentication systems and blockchain applications

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VeriClouds CredCrypto™

VeriClouds CredCypto™

CredCrypto enhances the privacy of sensitive credential data at the design level. With protection by Intel® SGX of credential storage and usage, the solution helps defend against internal and external attackers, including malware running on the host machine and malicious cloud providers. Automating the detection of risk insight into response and remediation is a transformation for most companies and helps to reduce alert fatigue and deliver safer online experiences.

CredCrypto also leverages hardware-based encryption to protect the most sensitive credential data of Blockchain (i.e., private keys of users) and the usage of such data (e.g., digital transaction signing). Roughly 10% of funds raised through ICOs between 2015 and 2017 have been lost via hacks, oftentimes through stolen and/or abuse of private keys. To better secure identities and transactions on the Blockchain, VeriClouds developed and patented a hardware-based secure online signing technology called CredCrypto for Blockchain.

VeriClouds CredCrypto (Developer Preview) - image VeriClouds-CredCypto on https://www.vericlouds.com

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Enable the next generation of secure credential stores and crypto wallets. Yes, you can have all three

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