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    Cloud penetration testingRemote penetration testingInternal penetration testingSocial engineering penetration testing

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    1. When does your organization want the active portions (scanning, enumeration, exploitation, etc...) of the penetration test conducted?

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    2. How many total IP addresses are being tested?

    What’s the IP address range or URLs to be tested

    3. Are there any devices in place that may impact the results of a penetration test such as?

    a firewallintrusion detection/prevention systemweb application firewallload balancer

    4. In the case that a system is penetrated, how should the testing team proceed?

    Perform a local vulnerability assessment on the compromised machine?Attempt to gain the highest privileges (root on Unix machines, SYSTEM or Administrator on Windows machines) on the compromised machine?Perform no, minimal, dictionary, or exhaustive password attacks against local password hashes obtained (for example, /etc/shadow on Unix machines)?

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