• Our team developed the industry's largest database of compromised credentials.

VeriClouds is a credential verification services company helping organizations detect compromised credentials before hackers do, using the same data attackers do, proactively monitoring the dark web and systematically reducing user-centric risk. VeriClouds provides the best approach to eliminate the biggest cause of massive data breaches, the weak and/or stolen password. VeriClouds was founded in 2014 by Rui Wang, a former security researcher at Microsoft with a PhD in cyber security, and Stan Bounev, a successful entrepreneur with over 16 years of corporate and startup experience in the banking and technology industries. VeriClouds has built one of the largest commercially available databases including breach data from the dark web and diverse data sources using privacy preserving principles and strong encryption.

VeriClouds Management Team

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Steve Tout
Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, Steve oversees the company's strategic vision, sales/marketing and channel development for bringing VeriClouds services to market.

Steve brings a unique blend of experiences spanning more than a decade in telecommunications, financial services, high tech and Big 4 consulting. Previously, he was a Director at PwC in their advisory practice, where he worked with clients on identifying, assessing and treating risk, building security services and incorporating long term strategies that enable superior user experience and improved operational efficiency. Steve was also on the Advisory Board of Palerra, a pioneer in the CASB space which exited in October 2016 for an undisclosed sum through acquisition by Oracle.

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Rui Wang
Chief Technology Officer

Cyber Security Researcher and Pentester with experience detecting new security threats and attack vectors

  • Ph.D. in Cyber Security
  • Former Security Researcher at Microsoft
  • Identified vulnerabilities in Facebook, Google, Amazon, Dropbox, Intuit, Yahoo
  • Published more than a dozen research papers
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Stan Bounev
Chief Product Officer

Product Management and Business Development professional with experience building successful products and new businesses

  • 15 years of Product Management experience, last 8 at Microsoft
  • Experience in FS and tech sectors
  • Led design of security features for online shopping as part of Windows 8
  • Established and directed the $100M monetization engine behind Outlook.com
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Ethan Deng
Senior Enterprise Solution Architect

  • Over 15 years in enterprise software development
  • 5 years with secure service team of Microsoft.com company portal
  • Built modern web applications with open source technology
  • BI and data visualization solution expert